Kyla's Rain Room Rental - Bellingham, WA

Rain Room Rental Information

Washington State's Premier Indoor Rain Room.

The Rain Room is unique and has the potential for some epic images or video production.

Are you ready to provide your clients a new and exciting opportunity for some incredible one of a kind images?

Last year, pre-Covid, I attended WPPI and fell in love with the concept of providing One of a Kind images to my clients. After much thought, I purchased the rights to build my own indoor Rain Room. However, due to the fact that the original plans were for an outside set up, we had to modify the set up significantly for inside use. After months of trial and error, we now have a system and would love to start sharing!

I am offering a very limited amount of dates for renting of the Rain Room to test the waters and see how it goes. I know many of you have reached out over the last year and I "think" I am ready. Please read through all of the information. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. There will undoubtedly be growing pains and I am more than willing to communicate and discuss all options. I would love for others to experience this epic feature! Available times is surrounded by my current availability. IF there is a specific date request, please reach out if it is not listed on the Calendar.


  • I MUST be on location during the time of rental. I am in a secure building. I have an on-site office, so I will not be in the Rain Room/Studio with you and your clients, but I will be available in the event there is a challenge.
  • All Photographers must provide a Certificate of Liability Waiver from their Insurance. Information will be provided upon booking. Please do NOT book if you do not have Insurance.
  • Our lights CANNOT be put in the water. We have a system where they are mounted to the wall. You, however, are more than welcome to bring your BATTERY powered lights for use in the water if you choose.
  • There is a small tent changing area for the client.
  • The space is not huge, shooting with a 24-70 works well.
  • I have a fog machine for use for an additional charge. I will provide the fog juice and you will need to provide the ice or dry ice. There is a cooler on site for this.
  • I have gels for the lights.
  • You will need to provide towels and bags for wet clothing.
  • Pricing includes cleaning.
  • The water is warmed through a instant hot water tank.