What to Expect!

Kyla Goff Photography - Rain Studio


Kyla Goff Photography - Rain Studio


Kyla Goff Photography - Rain Studio


How do Rain Shoots Work?

  1. Rain Shoots are scheduled differently than a regular shoot. Two appointments will be scheduled. One for the shoot and one for viewing images.
  2. I will sit down with you at the viewing appointment and showcase your collection of images. From there, you will have the opportunity to purchase images.
  3. Prior to your scheduled rain shoot, it is your responsibility to write down and bring a list of 10 poses you are looking for. This will help limit your time in the "rain".
  4. Please bring your own towels and don't forget dry clothing to wear home! You might also want to bring a bag to take home wet clothing!
  5. You are welcome to bring two outfits.
  6. Please come hair and makeup ready. I will be taking dry shots first to add to your collection of images.
Kyla Goff Photography - Rain Studio


Maternity Rain Session - Kyla Goff Photography


Sports - Soccer


*These images are an example of what is offered. The possibilities are endless!