Senior photography should be an enjoyable, creative, and emotional experience in which you are treated. Last, but certainly not least, having your senior photos taken professionally is an enjoyable, creative way to end your senior year.    

Senior pictures let you give yourself something you can experience, rewarding you. Your habits, interests, and friends can all change, so senior photos are a great opportunity to capture who exactly you are at that time.   

You will have photos that are unique and specific to this senior, which feels much more personal and special to you. Senior portrait sessions should be an enjoyable experience that leaves you smiling until graduation. At the highest level, a key difference is that yearbook photography sessions will be done like rinse-and-repeat shots from a studio, while a senior portrait session is completely customized for your teen.  

Senior photos are not a cookie cutter experience, because each individual has a unique personality and different memories from their high school years. You get to show off all the aspects of your personality during a senior photography session and go above and beyond what anyone expected. Not only do you get stunning, stunning senior photos that are unique to your family, but you are working with someone whose true investment is creating an experience that you will love.    

As some of your seniors' progress in their college careers and graduations, a gift of professional portraits is sure to be helpful. Senior photos may even be a gift for themselves, and a way to keep a record of the times they are going to go by. Senior pictures help you to remember who you were in that moment in life years -- or even decades -- down the road.    

Many of your guests might not have seen you for years, so including the photo can help them place a name on the face that is grown now. Some of your seniors will be running off to join a fraternity or sorority, and will want these professional pictures. Senior portraits are a great way to remember everything that your average youth has done thus far in their lives, as well as a way to celebrate everything that the future has to offer.   

Senior portraits are about celebrating a phase of life: For many teens, their whole senior year is filled with milestones, and this is certainly a time to celebrate in a lot of ways, including with portraiture. After a little reflection, I realized that when prospective clients originally called about booking a senior photography session, they were not yet sure why they were going to put so much effort into it - effort which, incidentally, ended up being an extremely enjoyable experience for all of us involved - but let me tell you, this is really not for announcements, little gifts printed, or digital images for sharing on the internet. Availability: This is not nearly as big of a consideration with senior portraits as weddings, but can still be something to think about, especially with a fast approaching school year and families being busier than ever