Unintentional Wording

For the past five years I have been photographing Tweens/Teens, I have noticed a trend with several moms. That trend is body shaming their own children! "Suck it in, suck it in". "Stand up straight so your belly doesn't stick out". If we are to believe that parents should be encouraging our younger generation and guide them against bullying, shouldn't you as a parent set an example? It is the responsibility of the photographer to capture poses that are complimentary to everyone. It is the goal of a parent to encourage. These girls become so embarrassed when a statement like this happens. Their smile of excitement goes away. Their anxiety goes up. They tend to shut down. When left alone without a parent with them, they have a sigh of relief and usually will comment that relief. If you are one of these moms, I urge to you reconsider your comments and stop body shaming your child. Their mental health needs positive reinforcement, not criticism and I am sure a parent isn't purposely body shaming their child, but unintentional wording can be very damaging!